ये तस्वीरें देखकर आप सबकुछ भूल जाएंगे!

ये तस्वीरें देखकर आप सबकुछ भूल जाएंगे!

सोनी 2017 वर्ल्ड फोटोग्राफी अवार्ड्स के लिए 220,000 लोगों के एंट्री भेजी, इसमें प्रोफेशनल फोटोग्राफर से लेकर शौकिया फोटो खींचने वाले भी शामिल थे. यहां हम आपको उनमें से चुनिंदा बेहतरीन फोटो दिखा रहे हैं.

An Chinese fisherman casts his net from a bamboo boat, with two cormorants ready to catch the fish. National Awards, 1st place, Saudi Arabia

This picture earned Emmad Mohammed Ahmed Elhag a second-place rosette in the Qatar National Awards

A falcon is captured here dramatically catching a prey bird by photographer Markus Varesvuo

Homare Hamada catches a satellite being launched by rocket.

Gentoo penguins hunting in the icy cool waters of Antarctica by Nadia Aly.

A woman watching a sunrise at Mu Cang Chai Rice Terrace in northwest Vietnam.

The Colombian water polo team surge forward in an image that landed Camilo Diaz first prize in the open ‘motion’ category.

Called Whale Dance, this jaw-dropping image of a breaching whale landed John Tao a third-place rosette for China in the National Awards.

Zebras and a giraffe hurtle across the landscape in Africa. Picture by Mohammad Alnaser from Saudi Arabia.


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