1,2500 CCTV will not help to curb traffic menace!

Different Angle by Anuj Ismail, Canada.

With the commencement of 1,250 CCCTV in place to take down the traffic violators in the city of Pune and PCMC, the question is will this make the road safe for the citizens? Merely 35 traffic police officials are watching more than 30 Lakh vehicles plying on road is that sufficient enough to monitor the traffic menace in the city and catch hold of the traffic violator?

Traffic law enforcement has been one of the major hurdles for the city traffic police department for a decade, with the increasing number of driving license issued and new vehicle registration (add how many vehicle and license are registered everyday). With the new e-chalan system wherein the traffic offender is sent a sms along with the picture of the traffic rules been violated.

On an average around 3,000 e-chalan are been issued everyday with the number of repeat offenders since March 2017 traffic police department has served more then 3,13,538 number of e-chalan to repeat offender and the repeat offenders for more than five offence will now be facing court if they do not pay their fine on time.
The most essential this is that the city drivers have to change their attitude toward driving, it has to come from every individual. No one bothers give the right of way to ambulance and fire brigade which are the emergency services. Everyone is in a hurry to reach their respective destination but no one care that the patient in the ambulance is in critical condition and need immediate medical attention.

In Canada every emergency vehicle is given the right of way, commuters stop and gives way to the emergency vehicle like ambulance, fire truck and police cars. Besides introducing the new CCTV and e-chalan someone has to work on the mindset of the commuters. Instead of sending court notice to the repeat traffic offenders, send them a warning letter and suspend the driving license, any offender that has more than three traffic violation offence in 3 months should undergo a refresher course for safe driving.

It is about time that India should implement driver safety rating program with the rating system that will determine how safe the driver is to drive on the road. There has to be a rating system for the number of offence and severity of the offence. City traffic police department along with the Regional Transport office should also introduce driving license fees and vehicle premium (insurance). The number of offence will result in paying more premiums each month.  Driver’s license should be renewed once in 12 months along with the vehicle insurance, this will refrain reckless drivers and force them to drive with caution and force them to obey the law. It is essential that driver should have sense of fear in their mind that someone is watching me I have to drive safe.